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Lupus Research Foundation

The Lupus Research Foundation (LRF) is an organization started by Regan Birr that funds lupus research. To date, in just three short years, over $115,000 has been raised. One of the sources of funding is "Lupus 'Spiel USA", a Pro-Am curling tournament ("bonspiel") created by Regan and her husband, Todd Birr, where world-level and Olympic curlers are paired with amateur players, in a fun, heart-warming, and exciting competition that has created life-long friendships. It has also created quite a buzz in the media, which meets the other primary goal of LRF, to raise awareness. LRF's Mission Statement is: to help find a cure for lupus through music and advocacy.

LRF aims to raise $100,000 in the 2017 calendar year, and will be at the level of $250,000 by year 4. You can help by joining the team, giving us your feedback, and lending us your time. Basically, you can help in any way, shape, or form that works for you.

10% of the proceeds of Regan's exercise videos are committed to the LRF, to help meet the goal of finding a cure.

Future fundraisers for LRF include: music concerts, a calendar showcasing female empowerment, satellite locations of the Lupus 'Spiel, a televised World Curling women's curling event, and a Wine Spectacular at a Minnesota winery. And additional plans for LRF include providing help for lupus patients. This will comprise diet, exercise, and counselling. Did you know that according to the Lupus Research Alliance, the largest funder of novel lupus research in the world, we are just 10 short years away from a cure? Please join our awesome team! If you would like to help further the goal of "10-years to a cure", join Regan, Todd, and the rest of the awesome team by reaching out to Regan today.

Regan can be reached at: 720-470-8049, and

For more information about the Lupus 'Spiel, and to participate or donate, visit Lupus 'Spiel USA on facebook: "Lupus 'Spiel USA" or

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