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Unique Fundraiser for lupus - Curling!

Regan has been a huge curler her whole life, having grown up in Northern Saskatchewan where the curling community is strong! Now she and her husband, world-bronze medalist skip Todd Birr, co-created Lupus 'Spiel USA, the largest Pro-Am curling tournament in the United States at Fogerty Arena and Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine, Minnesota. To date it has raised over $115,000 dollars, in just three years, and the goal is to keep raising money for lupus research, in the campaign, "10 years to a cure".

The home club of the spiel, Four Seasons Curling Club, is located in Fogerty Arena in Blaine, Minnesota, the U.S. Olympic Training Site for curling. Lupus 'Spiel USA is very blessed to have such a wonderful host facility - with world-class ice, wonderful staff, and amazing curling supporters and family. To sign up for the spiel, or come visit the club, go to

Here are some links to the awesome media coverage that has been received by the Lupus 'Spiel. Copy and paste into your browser:
Fox 9 TV:

Contact Regan to join the team and "fight the good fight!": 720 470 8049 and

More great pictures of curling and good friends:

Lupus 'Spiel USA!

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