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There are many ways you can work with Regan:

-VIDEOS: High-intensity and Low-to-Mid intensity videos available (see below for descriptions): Contact Regan to order: or 720 470 8049

10% of the proceeds will be given to the Lupus Research Foundation, an organization devoted to finding a cure for lupus through research and awareness. Read more on the "Lupus Research" tab and thank you for supporting lupus research.

-CLASSES: YMCA Twin cities: sign up here: Signup. If the link takes you to the general page, "select all" (locations) and type in "Joint" in the search field at the bottom of the screen. If a class is not available in your area please contact Regan directly


-ONLINE MEMBERSHIP: Train at home, $5 per month


i. workout session

ii. coaching


I am sorry for your pain and I want to help. Do you have knee or other joint issues like I do, and need a person who understands? I hear you. I want to hear all your thoughts and concerns, and provide tools that will help you achieve your goals. You will feel better, have less pain, and more energy. Together, we can do this, and you will form your own path to wellness.

JointSense is designed with YOU in mind, where you control your movements and destiny.

Let's work together to improve our lives.

As you know, I have lupus and arthritis, and I have found that with JointSense and other Regan MOVES programs, I have a way to exercise, and stay healthy and strong, with pain-free workouts that are fun. I used my engineering degree to create this program of effective, savvy exercises.

Join me, and let's work, and work out, together - to build a bridge towards better health. Together, with your input, we can design a program that works for you.

Regan MOVES provides personalized, joint-friendly programs tailored specifically for your needs.

Designed to reduce bending moment, or torque, JointSense and other Regan MOVES programs can provide technology to help you maintain the safety of your joints and back, while still giving you a high-intensity workout.

It allows those with chronic fatigue to stay working throughout the workout, through mindful movements and continuous, efficient stretching. And did I mention? It's FUN.

If you have arthritis, lupus, or other chronic conditions, you CAN do it.

*** JointSense is also applicable to those without chronic conditions. It is for people who want to achieve and sustain high athletic performance, while maintaining the integrity of their skeletal system.

Don't hesitate and call today. First consultation is free. Call 720-470-8049 or email:


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  2. If a class is not available in your area, please contact Regan directly

  3. Personal Training: work together with Regan on improving your life. Stop feeling held back and get started.

  4. Classes: throughout Minnesota.

  5. Nutrition / Weight Loss Coaching: one-on-one sessions on food-tracking, creating a calorie deficit, and forming healthy habits.

If you would like to help provide JointSense to people in your area, please contact Regan.
Thank you.

Call or email to sign up with Regan today! 720-470-8049,

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