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"At the age of 71 I was diagnosed with lupus in September of 2011. As soon as my medications took effect my doctor told me to look into some exercise to help counter some of the symptoms of the disease. Right after that the swim and tennis club to which I belong advertised a new class, given by Regan, for those with diseases like lupus, MS, and chronic fatigue, or for those who just needed some gentle exercise. In the five months since I've been taking the class I've learned to walk on the treadmill at three miles per hour for up to half an hour a day and to climb on the Stairmaster 14 or 15 flights at a time. These are things I never could do, even as a younger, stronger person. Regan really has changed my life." - Vicki

"Slow & steady wins the race! Regan teaches that no-pain-no-gain is not true. If it hurts, do not do it! Positive factors for me have been consistent, sensible movement 2x a week. I've experienced 77 pounds of weight loss, and my Diabetes marker, my A1c, lowered to 5.6 with exercise and healthier eating habits. And all this in moderation!" - Dianna Hamilton

"I have really benefitted from Regan's Joint Sense classes. It really helped me get started with exercising. Everything else I tried always seemed to lead to an injury that would set me back even more than I was before. Through Regan's modifications, instruction, and encouragement, I was finally able to get going again. I took her classes all last school year. Over the summer I experimented with some other classes, and for the most part I've been able to apply what I learned from her and make them work for me. [JointSense] provides an alternative "on-ramp" to exercise. In particular, her classes are good for people who are too young to feel comfortable in classes geared for older people (I'm borderline, myself). Even though other instructors are careful to offer modifications for those who need it, before Joint Sense I always found it too embarrassing to look "weak," or do something different. The atmosphere in Joint Sense is very supportive, because everyone goes into it knowing others, including the instructor, all have different kinds of issues. Now I am more comfortable doing what I need to in other classes, as well. Thank you!" - Kim

"That is why I tell people about this exercise class. I like it because it is HAPPY! And it is fun. I feel better after doing it." - Elizabeth

"Hey Regan I just wanted to tell you that you are the best trainer I've had and you are the nicest person I've ever met. Thank you so much for getting me back into the game!" - Kavita

"The class flew by like lightning. It was fun." - Dawn

"I want to thank you for offering to do your class. You are the best instructor and so caring. Thank you for the good workout. I felt so much better when I left your class. You're a godsend! I want you to know I personally really appreciate you and your fitness program." - Carmen

"I just want to thank you so much for coming to the lupus foundation last week and showing us some easy exercises. I want to let you know that it has been working well for me. I have not been sore from doing the exercises and I have lost a pound and a half in the past week. Like I said at the end of the class, it is very encouraging! Keep up the good work! I hope this is helpful for a lot of other people." - Joyce

"I hope you are doing well. Wanted to share that I feel great after the workouts. I've even been complemented at work on how energetic and relaxed I looked." - Dawn

"Had a great time..No stiffness at all....Can't wait till next week." - Peggy

"I feel great today! Thank you for a wonderful introductory class." - Jane

"Regan - Thanks for the info. I enjoyed your TV show. Thanks." - Polly

"When I began to take classes with Regan as part of Regan Moves offered through the Lupus Foundation of Northern California, I was doing it just for fun. What I learned quickly from Regan, though, was how to build strength without having to exhaust myself with big weights. Regan taught me how to use my own body and free hand exercise such as sit ups and push ups to gain strength without impacting joints. She taught me how to alternate and control repetitions to not just look better but feel better and be better. Nearly everyone who is looking to find a new exercise program wants to lose weight. You can do that with Regan's program too, but Regan's focus is to make you stronger at your own pace. Being 'in shape' isn't just about being thin but being resilient. Regan taught me that, and made me that. The true brilliance of Regan's class is that she fits it to your individual goals and needs. Every exercise is adjustable to your individual abilities and needs, and everything is geared to get you to be better without burning out. Regan isn't just a fantastic instructor, she is an amazing friend. She's fun, approachable, and makes you feel at home right away. I wholeheartedly recommend Regan Moves!" - Spandan Chakrabarti

Spandan Chakrabarti is the Communications Manager for the Lupus Foundation of Northern California. Spandan can be reached at (408) 954-8600 and
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