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  • Welcome! Regan MOVES is a proud partner of the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota. Regan MOVES is offered at the YMCA. It is a low-torque, low-impact exercise program that is safe for the joints. It is nutrition and exercise for people with chronic conditions. Regan MOVES is designed by mechanical engineer and lupus and arthritis patient, Regan Birr. With Regan MOVES you can reduce pain and increase energy. Long-term moderate exercise helps reduce inflammation. You will become fit and healthy. It has changed Regan's life. This is a gentle-on-your-joints yet challenging series of moves, that you can do without your shoes. Regan is in the best shape of her life, and keeps feeling better every day. Thanks to Regan MOVES, she is enjoying sports, mobility, happiness, and a normal productive life, and you can too. Life is good.

  • Regan MOVES is:
    • Low-torque, low-impact interval exercise
    • Patent-pending
    • Designed for people with lupus
    • Designed for people with arthritis
    • Designed for people with fatigue
    • Excellent for people with other chronic conditions including Diabetes
    • Excellent for people with chronic pain
    • Physics-based, through Regan's degree in Mechanical Engineering
    • Gentle yet effective
    • Creates anti-inflammatory results
    • Endorsed by Rheumatologists Amy B. Elliott, MD, Menlo Medical Clinic, affiliated with Stanford University, and Judy Weiss, MD
    • Endorsed by Head Athletic Trainer of San Jose State University
    • Supported by the Walmart Foundation
    • Partnered with the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota:
    • Partnered with the Lupus Foundation of Northern California:
    • Joint-safe
    • Appropriate for people with joint replacements
    • Teaches people how to prevent joint injury
    • Focuses on safe, smart, effective movement
    • Appropriate for people with back pain, injury, and surgery
    • Appropriate for people with sports injuries
    • Safe for all ages
    • Appropriate for all fitness levels, from athletes to patients
    • Incorporates an anti-inflammatory diet
    Decrease your pain, increase your energy. Together, we can build a bridge towards better health. We can do it!

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