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Regan MOVES and JointSense™

Regan MOVES presents JointSense, a patent-pending, novel exercise and nutritional program designed to help those with chronic challenges improve the quality of their lives and get fit. Whether dealing with pain, a sports injury, limited motion or low energy, JointSense makes exercise possible by maximizing motion of the body and minimizing joint exertion. It was created specifically so that those with chronic challenges such as lupus, MS, arthritis, fatigue, osteoporosis and other challenges could work out and get strong.

JointSense was born out of necessity. When Regan was diagnosed with lupus and arthritis, she experienced pain and fatigue that nearly debilitated her. One day, tired of feeling badly about herself for not being able to do what other people could do, she decided to make a change. She became dedicated to performing consistent exercise. Regan decided to try weight-lifting and aerobics. That's because she knew that these are the most effective tools for building one's life (by building one's muscles and endurance one step at a time). This was nearly impossible at first because when she exercised, it hurt. So, Regan used her degree in mechanical engineering to determine ways to actually carry out the exercises. She discovered how to hold her body while lifting weights and safely carry out the motions. Keeping joint comfort as a top priority, Regan also designed aerobics that are safe. She discovered that aerobics became enjoyable.

For me, using this program has changed my life. I stay in shape and am blessed to be truly healthy. It invigorates, pleasantly surprises, and delights me to know that I've lost this weight. That I actually feel strong. That I feel capable again. Competitive again. Really, I feel happier and stronger than I'd ever imagined I could be. It's given me my life back. - Regan

JointSense incorporates specific eating methods that can help increase energy levels during the day. An increase in energy can make all the difference in terms of making exercise feasible.

These eating methods can also reduce pain.

In addition to those with chronic challenges, the program is perfect for seniors, moms, baby boomers, students, and starters. It is for those who want to get ripped, or those who simply want to eliminate a sedentary lifestyle and increase functionality in day-to-day living.

JointSense represents a commitment to your self. In this health-minded diet and exercise program, you can take ownership in treating your condition. With commitment and consistency, Regan MOVES and JointSense can help you look and feel great - for life.

Make JointSense your standard, so you can achieve your healthy-living goals.

You can contact Regan at: 720 470 8049 and

Individual sessions are available.

Videos are available; contact Regan to order.

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